Thank you for visiting our web page. We approach the visitors and guests of our Lyxor coffee bar and restaurant with particular attention, aimed to gaining your trust and meeting your expectations.

Given the importance of privacy and the right to privacy, our company, Carski trg d.o.o., take protection of your personal data seriously and undertake all the necessary technical and organisational measures pursuant to the General Ordinance on Protection of Personal Data and other valid Croatian laws and regulations. Therefore, hereby we wish to inform you how we protect your personal data, what personal data we process and in which way you can get information on your personal data available to us. We treat your personal data responsibly, not only in order to honour the said Ordinance and other laws and regulations stipulating personal data protection, but also to achieve our goal – responsible dealing with your personal data.

In our operations we are guided by the basic principle of personal data protection, that is, we process the data legally, transparently and honestly, and the data processing is limited to the purpose for which the data are collected, and processed are only the data necessary for that purpose. We store your personal data only as long as required for fulfilling the purpose of the processing, except where certain regulations demand us to store the personal data longer and where that is required by our legitimate interests. Your personal data correctness, reliability, confidentiality and integrity are further principles that we honour in their processing.


The personal information processors are the company


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